As the son of diplomats, I hopped around quite frequently when I was very young. I grew up in seven different countries and so far I've moved more than 25 times. I learnt early on to expect and embrace change and to respect and tolerate diversity. Most of all, though, travelling has made me curious about everything.

I studied architecture in Madrid, where I live now.

I had my own book business for a couple of years. I wrote the script and worked on the production of 4 documentaries (in Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York) on avantgarde art and architecture for Spanish public television. I occasionally organise architecture tours around Madrid and Barcelona. Today, I work mostly as a graphic designer. This work includes branding, interior design, signage systems, websites, publications, product development and can be seen on my website.

I've also briefly taught graphic design at Istituto Europeo di Design. I am now interested in developing courses that promote new technologies and business models, multiculturalism, diversity, innovation and creativity; individually, in companies or in teams.

The different sections of this blog reflect some of the things I am passionate about, from art to technology, from architecture to music. Original ideas, scientific breakthroughs, promising inventions, people who are changing our lives and the way we do things or are inspiring others. It is a compilation of things that I find interesting on Internet and for the time being I write all the articles myself. Most posts are in English. As a bonus, though, there are two sections in Spanish -DE PROFUNDIS and SPAIN 2.0- which are in Spanish. The former includes opinion pieces, an "editorial column" of sorts. The latter is an intellectual experiment in country branding. Ficticious and just for fun, but at the same time very serious.


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